Justice is delicate. Attacks on prosecutors by the prosecuted are par for the course. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the courtroom. But there are limits, dangerous if breached. When leaders of nations-whether the president of Turkey, Russia, or the United States – join the attacks, hurl the invective, demonize the justice seekers, it jeopardizes justice and threatens to destroy any remaining faith in it. And it may not be a big jump from mere rhetoric to radical abuse of power….

People are hungry for justice. And the appearance of justice….My hope is that no man is above the law: that power and privilege do not immunize you from accountability and punishment; that corruption can be fought. And that there are people brave enough to fight it. It shows the universal craving for honest government and the rule of law. Because as it turns out , the dream of honest government, where no one is above the law and the oath of office matters, is the dream of civilized people everywhere. Bringing the powerful and corrupt to justice gives people of faith in all cases, big and small.

Preet Bharara  b.1968  United States  Lawyer

Historical Age, American Era, 1950 – 1975; Astrological Age, Age of Pisces, 1 AD – 2000; Sun Sign, Libra.