Though we are, admirably, a nation of laws, justice can sometimes spring as much from the heart as from the head. That is because the law can unduly elevate the abstract over the actual. Everyone in the system is a person, and while justice is something of an abstraction, it is sought and felt by real human beings.

Smart laws do not assure justice any more than a good recipe guarantees a delicious meal. The law is merely an instrument, and without the involvement of human hands it is as lifeless and uninspiring as a violin kept in its case. The law cannot compel us to love each other or respect each other. It cannot cancel hate or conquer evil; teach grace or extinguish apathy. Every day, the law’s best aims are carried out for good or ill, by human beings. Justice is served, or thwarted, by human beings. Mercy is bestowed, or refused, by human beings.

Preet Bharara  b.1968  United States  Lawyer

Historical Age, American Era, 1950 – 1975; Astrological Age, Age of Pisces, 1 AD – 2000;
Sun Sign, Libra.