A Time Of Great Possibilities

We are now witnessing a coming together of science, psychology, and spirituality after centuries of ideological and disciplinary fragmentation. Both modern physics and depth psychology are revealing to us a universe in which … all that we can perceive around us is connected by resonances, both physical and nonphysical, that can make the possibility of universal justice, truth and love more than just a utopian fantasy. At the heart of this possibility lie what in the Western secular world are called non-ordinary states of consciousness, but in the world’s great religious traditions is variously called primary religious feeling, mystical oneness, connection with the ground of being, or universal love … At the heart of these states of consciousness or being is a potential extension of the self beyond its usual boundaries.

John E. Mack 1929-2004 United States Educator, Writer

He was a Harvard medical professor of psychiatry, Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, a leading researcher and writer on alien abduction experiences[1], and a campaigner for the elimination of nuclear weapons.