We have just passed the Autumn Equinox where day and night are in balance. This time of year, then, is a good time to consider where there is, or is not, equilibrium in our lives and our communities. But just watching the news we know that the world is wholly out of balance. We see this imbalance in our justice system, in our electoral process, in the weather and for some of us, in our own personal lives.

Here’s how to bring back the balance. Tell someone you love them. Lend a hand. Give something away without expecting anything in return. Stay connected or reconnect to All Souls. Tell a story. Laugh. Listen. Turn your anger into righteous good trouble. Take a break.

Give yourself permission just to be. And reach out if you need to.

The world’s balance depends on you having yours. Take good care of yourselves, dear ones. We all need each other, now more than ever.

~ Rev. Tracy Sprowls   United States   Minister Unitarian Church of All Souls of New York