Great is Justice! Justice is not settled by legislators and laws – it is in the Soul;
 It can not be varied by statutes, any more than love, pride, the attraction of gravity, can; 
It is immutable – it does not depend on majorities – majorities or what not,
 come at last before the same passionless and exact tribunal.

For justice are the grand natural lawyers, and perfect judges – it is in their Souls;
 It is well assorted – they have not studied for nothing- the great includes the less;
 They rule on the highest grounds – they oversee all eras, states, and administrations.

The perfect judge fears nothing – he [she] could go front to front before God; 
Before the perfect judge all shall stand back – life and death shall stand back – heaven and hell shall stand back.
~ Walt Whitman 1819-1892 United States Writer, Poet

Historical Age, Age of Reason 1650-1950; Astrological Age, Age of Pisces, 1 – 2000; Sun Sign, Gemini.