The Judas Kiss

Acts of betrayal serve a valuable purpose. They shake our faith in human justice and the social code and moves us to place our trust in the chaotic justice of the Divine. Our need for total control derives from the fear of change, and when an act of betrayal shatters that need, we may become more open to change. In a sense the floodgates burst, and we are forced to float along with the raging currents or drown. When we ourselves betray someone else or an ideal we once held dear, it pushes us to examine what desperate need could have led us to go against our own best spiritual interests. Recognizing that we have a Contract with the person who has betrayed us, or whom we have betrayed, can help us see the positive potential in such acts.

Carolyn Myss b. 1953 United States Medical Intuitive

Historical Age. American Era, 1950-2000
Astrological Age, Age of Pisces, 1AD – 2000
Sun Sign: Sagittarius