Revolutionizing Justice – Revolutionizing Ourselves

Why is the call to live from our souls, from the divine spark that called us into being, so compelling? Because our lives are at stake, our happiness and meaning as well as our relationships, families, businesses, culture and now our planet. An externally lived life, even in the name of justice, lacks the meaning of life lived from our essence. Millions of us are exploring what it means to live differently , more from the inside out and less from the outside in. We seek to connect more deeply with who we are and to live from our souls’ guidance.

Whether we do this through recovery, 12 step programs, self help programs, therapy, a spiritual path, meditation, yoga, eastern philosophy , astrology, esotericism, dream study, the classics, literature, political, social and environmental activism, family life, a meaningful career or religious devotion- which is to say through our own blend of many methods- we’re not only changing our own lives but simultaneous revolutionizing justice. As we come home to who we are, we’re actually making the world more just.

Denise Breton and Steven Lehman Canada Writers Coauthors of The Mystic Heart of Justice