For the American Indian – and this idea lies at the hidden root of every great spiritual teaching of the world – is to be at peace means to be at peace with one’s own conscience. And to be at peace within the community or to live in peace with other nations is to submit to the rule of law that is the communal expression of conscience and that provides conditions within which an individual is free to listen for that voice within himself. The establishment of such conditions, the establishment of such law, requires an intelligence of a very higher order-what is called “the intelligence of the heart.” And to find such intelligence requires, in turn, an effort of exceptional people working together to respect each individual’s fragment of truth until an objective, all-inclusive truth descends into the community from “above”, that is from The Great Spirit. Such an objective moral truth may be linked with the word “justice.”

~ Jacob Needleman b. 1934  United States Writer

Historical Age, Age of Reason 1650-1950; Astrological Age, Age of Pisces, 1 AD- 2000; Sun Sign, Libra.