On this Memorial Day, let us give thought to all the ways that memory is prayer. Let us remember especially all those who truly serve the cause of peace, justice, and freedom. Let us remember without judgment all those who are caught up in the fighting of  “wars or rumors of war”.  Let us remember all those who suffer hunger and thirst, and all those who are imprisoned, either justly or unjustly. Let us remember the very old and the very young and all those that fall somewhere in between. Let us remember the sick and dying. Let us remember those who are victims of indiscriminate of premeditated acts of violence. Let us remember whatever acts of kindness and compassion we have experienced in our lives. Let us remember those who have taught us something about the meaning and purpose of our own lives. Let us remember all the reasons why we need forgiveness, and let us remember all those who need our forgiveness, whether they deserve it or not. Let us remember the dead whom we have known and loved, and may their memory become more of a comforting presence than a painful reminder of loss. Let us remember all the reason why we should be grateful on this day of life. Let us remember, for in the remembering, we will be praying for all these, and for ourselves.

~ Harold Babcock     United States      Unitarian Minister