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Thank you for being curious about the It’s About Justice website and signing up for the weekly justice quotation email. After about 20 years of collecting quotations about Justice, the earliest 2852 BC, the latest, today’s voices, the time seems right to share them.

You may be wondering, how did this woman get on to collecting justice quotations?  Well, it certainly wasn’t something that I thought up by myself; it came to me initially with a work assignment.

An early 18th-century wooden sculpture of justice was given to the Custom House Maritime Museum in Newburyport, MA, then my place of employment.  I had to write the storyline for her for the visitor’s education, and I thought that some quotations about Justice would be suitable.  I did find the quotations. We had a party to introduce her to the community, and I thought it was a completed assignment.

Completed assignment? Not to be friends, not to be.  I found myself reading other quotations. Yup – I was hooked; obsessive-compulsive behavior for Ms. Justice. I was on the Justice Journey.

I found her everywhere: in the novels I was reading, the daily newspaper, in historical research, in songs of the people and hymns of the faithful, on the street corners and soap boxes with placards, in angry voices from the poor and needy to compassionate voices from the comfortable and able; in the speeches of the politicians, decisions of the judges, the sermons of the ministers; in the wisdom of philosophers and healers;  on bumper stickers: in the stained glass windows; in constitutions, declarations, proclamations, mottos, proverbs, and slogans;  in glorious public monuments;  in sacred texts; in humor, on t-shirts. She was on the radio, television, internet.

As I continued reading these wonderful words about justice, I recognized that I was studying the history of the world.  As that became more complete within myself, I realized that I was also studying the history of the world’s religions.  As that continued to expand within me, there was yet another bonus: I was studying the history of art.  A trifecta of history, spirit, and art, all revealing the links to the universal ideals of freedom, liberty, and justice; the ideals that are the very foundation, the solid bedrock of democracy. What a gift the Justice Journey has been.

Recognizing that the last 20 years with Justice have been a solitary journey, it now seems right to share this gift in a focused venue.   I am excited to begin this next journey, sending us out to the universe so that we will have some company, someone to talk with, to hear another point of view, to listen to the world’s voices, to learn what you know and I don’t.   

Please sign up to receive a weekly email or visit the site regularly. Talk to us, for Justice and I need friends and companions.

Janet Heller Howell


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