The constitution does not allow reasons of state to influence our judgement. God forbid it should!
We must not regard political consequences, however formidable they may be: if rebellion was the certain consequence, we are bound to say, “Let justice be done through the heavens fall.”*

The Right Honorable William, Lord Mansfield,1705-1793 Chief Justice of England

Historical Age, Age of Reason, 1650-1950
Astrological Age , Pieces, 1 AD – 2000
Sun Sign, Pisces

*Editor’s Note :This is the great judicial case that started the downfall of slavery on both sides of the Atlantic. In May 1772 Lord Mansfield, Chief Justice of the Court of King’s Bench in England, heard preliminary arguments in the case of James Somerset, a Virginia slave who claimed his freedom under English common law. Charles Stewart, Somerset’s master, wanted to send the slave to Jamaica to be sold. Somerset sought a writ of habeas corpus to escape this fate. This action ( freeing the slave) brought the legality of slavery before the highest court in Great Britain. This case would serve as the precedent for freeing slaves in a number of jurisdictions outside of Great Britain.