A voice out of Bethlehem two thousand years ago said that all men were created equal. It said right would triumph. Jesus of Nazareth wrote no books, he owned no property to endow him with influence. He had no friends in the course of the powerful. But he changed the course of mankind with only the poor and the despised. Naive and unsophisticated though we may be, the poor and despised of the 20th century will revolutionize this era. In our “arrogance, lawlessness and ingratitude,” we will fight for human justice , brotherhood, secure peace and abundance for all. When we have won these – in a spirit of unshakable nonviolence – then, in luminous splendor, the Christian era will truly begin.

~ Martin Luther King, 1929-1968 United States Minister and Civil Rights Leader

Historical Age, Age of Reason 1650-1950; Astrological Age, Pisces 1 AD – 2000; Sun Sign, Capricorn.