A look ahead towards the end of the summer shows Jupiter moving into Libra on September 9th, a day before the final Saturn Neptune square, and although the mantle of fear will linger, it will subside as Jupiter’s positive placement in Libra will begin to take hold. Jupiter influences the public’s political and philosophical views and shifting into the sign of the scales of balance two months before the election shows an awakening of the public’s interest in fairness, justice, honor, cooperation, and a win-win mentality. Looking back through history we can see these themes have been prominent in previous year’s when Jupiter was in Libra:

1862: Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation signed
1886: Statue of Liberty dedicated
1945: United Nations Charter drawn up and UN officially comes into existence
1969:  John and Yoko’ Love In, the Make Love Not War Peace Moratorium
2004: Facebook; social networking beyond boundaries

This inspires hope for a clearing of the reality distortion field we are now in by fall and a much more cooperative climate….

~ David Pond  United States   Astrologer, Lecturer, Workshop Leader