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Nearly every woman I know has her own story of workplace sexual harassment, the vast majority of them ending without justice or accountability. Research has found that nearly one-fourth of U.S. servicewomen say they were sexually assaulted in the military, and a recent Times article recounted the harrowing stories of several women who reported their assailants but did not see justice served………..It’s scary to realize the fragility of my story’s positive outcome; it’s scarier still to imagine the untold numbers of women whose ambitions were crushed because their stories of harassment, assault or misconduct ended differently. It’s essential that women feel safe and empowered to work in traditionally male-dominated agencies such as the Department of Defense — bodies that wield tremendous influence over U.S. national security, as well as the country’s international reputation.*

~ Maya Guzdar      United States        Student

Historical Age, New Age 1975: Astrological Age, Aquarius, 2000.

* NYT Sept. 5, 2021 Opinion: What Happened the Day After I Was Sexually Harassed at the Pentagon


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