A Country’s Greatness

The measure of this country’s greatness is its ability to retain compassion in time of crisis. No nation in the recorded history of man has a greater tradition of revering justice and fair treatment for all its citizens in times of turmoil, confusion, and tension than ours. In striking down capital punishment, this Court does not malign our system of government. On the contrary, it pays homage to it. Only in a free society could right triumph in difficult times, and could civilization record its magnificent advancement. In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute. The Eighth Amendment is our insulation from our baser selves.

Thurgood Marshall 1908-1993 United States Supreme Court Justice

Historical Age. Age of Reason 1650-1950
Astrological Age, Age of Pisces 1 AD-2000
Sun Sign, Cancer