Words From The Great 14th – The Dalai Lama

The question of justice is also closely connected both with universal responsibility and the question of honesty. Justice entails a requirement to act when we become aware of injustice. Indeed, failure to do so may be wrong, although not wrong in the sense that it makes us somehow intrinsically bad. But if our hesitance to speak out comes from a sense of self-centeredness, then there is a problem. If our response to injustice is to ask, ‘What will happen to me if I speak out? Maybe people won’t like me?” This could well be unethical because we are ignoring the wider implication of our silence. It is also in appropriate and unhelpful when set in the context of all other’s equal right to happiness and to avoid suffering. This remains true even-perhaps especially- when for example, governments of institutions say, “This is our business” or “This is an internal affair.” Not only can our speaking out under such circumstances be duty, but more importantly it can be a service to others.

Jetsum Jampel Lobsang Yeshi Tenzin Gyatso
The 14th Dalai Lama b.1935 Tibet Spiritual Leader