Look – It’s Just Below The Surface

The highest kind of man Has innate goodness. And that is what he rules with.
The lesser man brags about how good he is-And isn’t much good, I can tell you.
A Man of Te rules by wu-wei Doing nothing for himself or of himself.
The lesser man acts from his ego
And what he wants is gratification.
A man who rules with compassion
Acts through it – and no one even realizes.
A legal man acts judiciously
But he is still serving his own ends.
And a rigid man uses laws.
And if people don’t like it, force.
If the true Tao is lost then morality takes its place.
If that fails, we have conscience.
When that fades, we get justice.
When that disappears, we have status quo.
Confusion reigns,
No one knows
What’s going on.
Forecasts and prophesies abound and they are merely a gloss on the Tao, they are the root of all twisted guidance.
So the sage only looks at what is really real,
He doesn’t just look at the surface –
He blows away the dust and drinks the water….
He doesn’t just go for the flower
But also for the roots and the fruit.
Blow away the dust, now: Come to the living water.

Loa Tzu 640 BC China Philosopher: Historical Age, Golden Age 600-400 BC: Astrological Age, Aries 2000-1 BC.

Editor’s Note: *The Tao is the intuitive knowing of “life” that of which cannot be grasped full-heartedly as just a concept but known nonetheless through actual living experience of one’s everyday being.