Food, Glorious Food

Food sovereignty is a prerequisite for health and justice for all people,… and Mother Earth. It is an expansive set of principles, policies, and practices which ensure the right of everyone to ecologically sound, sustainably produced and harvested food. They also ensure the right of people and nations to democratic control over their food and agriculture systems.

Together, they address:

The ability of all to eat adequate and healthy food;

The well-being of the land, air, and waters;

The fair wages, rights, and health of those who plant, harvest, produce and prepare our food;

The need to restore and protect small farms and local food systems;

The ability of Native and traditional peoples to control their own land, grow their own food, and preserve their own cultures;

The need to privilege the rights and needs of women, as the world’s primary food producers and providers;

The right of every nation to control its own food and agriculture; and

An end to corporate control of food and agriculture, including an end to trade rules and international agreements that put profit first.

People’s Movement Assembly on Food Sovereignty from the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit in 2010; The group that released the “make salt” manifesto has since formalized itself into the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance. A mix of farmers, farm workers, organizers, Native community leaders, Washington policy analysts, and immigrants’ rights advocates, the group brings to the U.S., for the first time, a political demand that has long been seminal in the global South and parts of Europe: food sovereignty.