Letter from US Representative Joseph Kennedy to his children about his vote to impeach the President of the United States.

Dear Ellie and James,

“This is a moment that you’ll read about in your history books. Today, I will vote to impeach the president of the United States, and I want you to know why.”

Kennedy, who has Ellie, 3, and James, 1, with wife Lauren Anne Birchfield, went on to say that Trump “broke our laws” and “threatened our security.”

“He abused the highest, most sacred office in our land,” Kennedy continued, adding that it “does not feel good” to impeach the president.

“Let the record show that, today, justice won, that we did our job, that we kept our word, that we stood our sacred ground,” … “

Let the record show that we did not let you down. I love you. Listen to Mom. I’ll be home soon.”

~ Joseph Kennedy b. 1980 Lawyer and United States Congressman


Historical Age: American Age 1950; Astrological Age, New Age 1975 ; Sun Sign Libra.