Nothing that lacks justice can be morally right.
(Nihil honestum esse prtest, quod justitia vacat.)

But if the exaltation of spirit seen in times of danger and toil is devoid of justice and fights for selfish ends instead of for the common good, it is a vice; but not only has it no element of virtue, but its nature is barbarous and revolting to all our finer feelings. The Stoics, therefore, correctly define courage as ‘that virtue which champions the cause of right.’ Accordingly, no one has attained to true glory who has gained a reputation for courage by treachery and cunning; for nothing that lacks justice can be morally right. . . . And so we demand that men who are courageous and high-souled shall at the same time be good and straightforward, lovers of truth, and foes to deception; for these qualities are the centre and soul of justice.

~Cicero 106-43 BC. Roman Empire Statesman/Orator

Historical Age, Hellenistic Age 400-50 BC; Astrological Age, Aries 2000-1 BC.

Source: On Duties (Loeb Ed.), 65].