We are beyond “The Resistance.” We are the catalysts for freedom, justice, and equality for all….

Resistance is a reactive state of mind. While it can be necessary for survival and to prevent catastrophic harm, it can also tempt us to set our sights too low and to restrict our field of vision to the next election cycle, leading us to forget our ultimate purpose and place in history.

Every leap forward for American democracy — from slavery’s abolition to women’s suffrage to minimum-wage laws to the Civil Rights Acts to gay marriage — has been traceable to the revolutionary river, not the resistance. In fact, the whole of American history can be described as a struggle between those who truly embraced the revolutionary idea of freedom, equality and justice for all and those who resisted.

~ Michelle Alexander  b.1967  United States  Civil Rights lawyer and advocate, legal scholar, journalist and author.

Historical Age, New Age 1975; Astrological Age, Pisces, 1AD – 2000; Sun Sign, Libra.