What has happened to justice in America? There stands the courthouse, solid, stately. Inside we still find great judges, men and women dedicated to the law, presiding over our cases. In the courtrooms, we hear our hometown lawyers pleading to a jury of our neighbors. But there will be no justice, for a new king dominates justice in America, a sovereign whose soul is pledged to business and whose heart is geared to profit. The new king, an amorphous agglomeration of corporations, of banks and insurance companies and mammoth multinational financial institutions, maintain a purulent passion for money and demands a justice of its own, one that is stable and predictable, one that fits into columns and accounts and mortality tables, one that is interpretable in dollars, so that a little justice is a few dollars and a lot of justice many. The new king can not deal with the soul ,the fire, the unpredictability of human justice. Profit is the lifeblood of business and if there is no profit in justice people are not likely to receive it.

~ Gerry Spence  b 1929   United States   Lawyer

Historical Age, Age of Reason, 1650 – 1950; Astrological Age, Age of Pisces 1 AD-2000; Astrological Sign, Capricorn.