But justice in this case has nothing to do with some of the arguments put forth by the defendants or their counsel. We have not previously and we need not now discuss the merits of all their obscure and tortuous philosophy. We are not trying them for possession of obnoxious ideas. It is their right, if they choose, to renounce the Hebraic heritage in the civilization of which Germany was once a part. Nor is it our affair that they repudiated the Hellenic influence as well. The intellectual bankruptcy and moral perversion of the Nazi regime might have been no concern of International Law had it not been utilized to goose-step the Herrenvolk across international frontiers. It is not their thoughts, it is their overt acts which we charge to be crimes. Their creed and teachings are important only as evidence of motive, purpose, knowledge, and intent.

~ Robert H. Jackson  1892-1954  United States   Lawyer

Summation of the Prosecution at Nuremberg – July 26, 1946
Court: International Military Tribunal
Decided:September 30 – October 1, 1946

Historical Age: Age of Reason 1650-1959; Astrological Age, Pisces 1 AD – 2000; Sun Sign Aquarius