With the halls of the courthouses teeming with lawyers, the skyscrapers bulging with lawyers, the streets of our cities packed with lawyers, the people are still without fighters, for they have gone off to other wars for other causes. Like mercenaries, they wrangle and scheme for money wherever money can be found. Too often it flows in the corporate troughs. We would reject a surgeon who loved the dead more than the living, who attended only to those who paid him the most, who worked hardest to preserve our enemies, and ignored our cries of pain and the cries of our children. But people demand a fair chance at justice as surely as they demand medical care. They demand to be represented by professionals who care about them, who are devoted to justice and are properly trained to fight for it.

~ Gerry Spence   b. 1929   United States Lawyer

Historical Age Age of Reason 1650-1950; Astrological Age, Pisces 1 AD – 2000; Sun Sign, Capricorn