The CEO’s of their corporations make tens of millions of dollars a year, not on the long range expectations of profits, but on this year’s, this quarter’s profits, and how those profits affect stock prices. They can’t think more than a year out. The real problem is that they also own all the broadcast networks now, and they finance the careers of most of the politicians in Congress and certainly in the White House, whether it be Democratic or Republican. These people do not go around the world spreading peace, justice and democracy. They spread credit card debt, cell phones, sweatshop conditions, factory farms for hogs and not much better for people. They are in it for the money, and they want to economically enslave people, not free them. I will bet that Iraqis will see bills from Master Card before they see a meaningful ballot, just like us. This is a new wave of economic colonialism, and, like previous waves, it is done in partnership with armies and rulers.

~ William Rivers Pitt. B. 1971 Author and Journalist

Historical Age, American Era 1950; Astrological Age, Pisces, 1 AD – 2000; Sun Sign Scorpio.