What Don’t You Understand?

What Don’t You Understand?

Doesn’t the inscription on the Supreme Court building in Washington, D. C. — ‘JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW’ — apply to all United States citizens? Ah yes, except when women bring up the Equal Rights Amendment, ‘JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW’ is pushed aside as a woman’s issue.

~ Dorothy Haegele   1922-2013    United States     Social Activist – founding director of the Equal Rights Amendment Information Center in Alton in 1977 and a recipient of the National Organization for Women Metro-East Chapter’s Alice Paul Award.

Historical Age: Age of Reason, 1650 – 1950; Astrological Age Pisces, 1 AD – 2000: Sun Sign, Libra

The Art of Justice

The Art of Justice

This stunning sculpture by  Audrey Flack is located at the Howard Baker Jr. Federal Courthouse, in Knoxville Tennessee.   Cast in bronze in 2000, the head is three feet high and mounted on a five foot high verde marble column.  She carries many cultures in her...

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